NUTRI-TECH srl was born in 2006 from the entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Carlo Venturini, highly experienced veterinary doctor and breeder. With great success, he managed to transform the livestock culture from a family dimension into a modern, all-Italian company at the forefront of the field of animal nutrition.

NUTRI-TECH srl is located in Mantua, in the heart of a region with a great pig tradition and which has become an extraordinary reality with a very high agro-technical vocation. The company’s activity focuses first and foremost on the design, production and sale of nutritional premixes and complementary feeds for all animal species: pigs and cattle, buffalo and sheep and goats, poultry and rabbits, fish and pets. Furthermore, NUTRI-TECH srl has a special line of intermediate products and medicated feed for pigs, specially formulated based on specific needs.

NUTRI-TECH srl uses ten production lines, lines dedicated to the production of medicated products and supplements, and lines dedicated to the oiling, grinding, crumbling, micronization and filling of the products.


NUTRI-TECH srl is a dynamic company strongly oriented towards maximum customer satisfaction. The main objective is to always obtain the best technical-economic result of the livestock enterprise.
To this end, it maintains a high-level, 360° professional relationship with its customers by providing not only products and technology but also highly qualified food and health consultancy services.

In this way NUTRI-TECH srl has become a point of reference and reliable partner for many industries operating in the animal nutrition sector and for a considerable number of livestock entrepreneurs throughout the national territory.

NUTRI-TECH srl is both innovation and scientific research to discover and develop new knowledge and technologies.
Only in this way is the company able to respond to the continuous challenges of the market, constantly improving its skills and quality.

NUTRI-TECH srl has thus established a relationship of constant collaboration with universities and research institutes both in Italy and abroad. This, together with the solid experience gained in the field over the years, allows you to increase your expertise, which is constantly evolving and improving.

NUTRI-TECH srl is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and has a modern and well-equipped analysis laboratory.
Highly specialized graduate technicians work here and quickly carry out all the necessary quality checks on incoming raw materials and finished products.
At the same time they provide essential support both to the internal technical staff and to the sales force and customers.

Certificato IQNET
Certificato IQNET