The primary objective of our Company is the satisfaction of our Customers, offering them direct advice and assistance, enhancing their needs and expectations. The company Quality System must therefore become, in addition to being a fundamental internal management tool, the means by which to document and demonstrate our desire to guarantee the quality of products and internal processes, as well as to allow continuous improvement.

Therefore, we consider the following objectives essential:
• corporate image as a valuable investment in one’s strengths to acquire a competitive advantage that can be defended over time;
• characterization of our product and our service to offer an exclusive advantage to the consumer based on the use of mandatory standards as well as the regulations applicable to our sector of activity;
• implementation of a self-control system aimed at preventing non-compliance;
• pursuit of continuous improvement and optimization of the organization and production and management processes to reduce waste of means and resources where possible;
• collaborate with the customer, in the definition of the product and in the service methods, to acquire their trust, the result of a mutual exchange of experiences;
• acquire increasingly more familiarity throughout the organization with the procedures and activities of the Quality System, ensuring that the Company Policy is understood and implemented at all levels;
• promote the culture of feed quality and safety through a process of raising awareness among collaborators, in order to disseminate responsible behavior towards the aspects of safety protection and customer satisfaction, and to entrust the implementation of the company policy stated herein;

To achieve these intentions we believe it is important:
• exploit the strengths and opportunities inside and outside the company where there is greater possibility of achieving interesting results;
• plan periodic meetings with the Management, for a greater possibility of expressing professionalism, preparation and creativity for the definition and review of Quality improvement objectives;
• maintain a Quality Management system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 Ed. 2015 standard, certifiable by an accredited body;
• periodically set new objectives for the indicators and periodically review our Quality Policy to ensure its continued suitability;
• keep indicators and “Non-Conformities” under control to prevent and remove the causes of reported problems;
• use qualified suppliers who are able to ensure constant quality production and periodically evaluate them to guarantee their reliability;
• implement a continuous and decisive awareness-raising activity towards internal staff to ensure behavior adequate to the requirements of the Quality System;
• Quality surveillance (to be implemented on the basis of audits, process control, data analysis, etc.), to ensure that what is specified in the Policy and the Quality documentation system is implemented effectively;

The General Management, in collaboration with the Quality Management System Manager, periodically reviews the product, process and service indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, as well as their impact on Customer satisfaction.

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